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hot pants hot shirt

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This is clothing with the ability to heat up or provide a tingle sensation to the wearer when the garment detects eyes looking at a certain location on the wearers body.

Each garment has a series of built in cameras and processing power enough to run image recognition to track and predict what part of the wearers body nearby eyes happen to be looking at.

Also present is connectivity so that the wearer may sync their phone and run applications that gather data.

The wearer may be prompted by the app on their phone to speak to a particular looker based on what body parts he or she looked at.

More importantly the manufacturer will be able to identify what body parts people look at most or first or longest.

vfrackis, Aug 12 2014

Some moron takes a pic up a woman's skirt, call the cops... http://www.japantod...omans-legs-on-train
...oh, he is a cop..Osaka police [not_morrison_rm, Aug 15 2014]


       just go bra-less....then it's self-evident
not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2014

       just like everyday Japan, big poster in the subway car for porno dvds, upskirt photography warning notices on the escalators (I wear bike clips on me trousers just to be sure), want to sell something? Just get loads of girls dressed up in school uniform for the promo photos..
not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2014

       To expand on [21]'s concept (for the exhibitionists among us).   

       Use some form of polarising material (that becomes transparent when a small charge is passed though it) for the clothing.   

       So the portion being looked at becomes visible.   


       Then you could maybe send a pre-op (but convincing) trany out in it to outrage mothers & frighten / upset any pervs who are perhaps a little unsure about their sexuality ;)
Skewed, Aug 13 2014

       //a pre-op (but convincing) trany out   

       Well, that's me out, then...   

       //who are perhaps a little unsure about their sexuality   

       Erm....this is just what I think, it's not that they are unsure about their sexuality, but unhappy with trans person's sexuality. Also doing trap stuff seems a bit childish, and can lead to fatal consequences....
not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2014

       I like this idea, but less the voyeur upskirt creepy stuff. I envision a guy with an enormous gut. His app tips him off that someone has looked at his enormous gut.   

       A. "I see you have looked at my big belly"   

       B: "uhhh."   

       C: "I think it is because I am full of cheese."   

       D: "I like cheese too"   

       and voila. Human contact is made. Entropy reverses. There is hope.
bungston, Aug 13 2014

       love it [+]
Voice, Aug 13 2014


       Yep, but why are they unhappy.   

       No problem with them myself & a little bemused (when considering the point, which is rarely) why anyone would have (consenting adults assumed), only explanation ever made sense to me is the 'unhappy' ones are somehow insecure in their own position & don't like being reminded about it?   

       Childish? but of course :)   

       Fatal? one hopes not, surely a little light beating should suffice.
Skewed, Aug 13 2014

       "My eyes are up there"   

       "I'm not looking at your eyes"
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2014

       //Fatal? one hopes not,   

       Well, there are lies, damned lies and statistics but...   

       "However, they did find that while trans-people made up only 2% of their entire sample, trans-people made up 16% of all murder victims." and so on...anyway, not going to keep banging on about it...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 15 2014

       <reverting momentarily to a marginally less childish mind-set>   

       How old is your data sample?   

       You my find it's old & the skew in % is largely explained by the lifestyle choices for meeting likeminded people many used to be forced to (when the law & public opinion was more against them).   

       Hanging out in dark places late at night is perhaps something muggers & old trannies had in common.   

       One can see how that might lead to more frequent cross culture encounters between the mugging & trany communities?   

       Not disagreeing, merely enquiring as to the age & probable root causes of the statistics.
Skewed, Aug 16 2014

       I must be living in a charmed bubble then.
nineteenthly, Aug 16 2014

       I suggest you get writing that charmed bubble patent application now.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 16 2014


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