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human pelt

photos of entire body suface area displayed on 2d surface
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with digital camera, take macro photos of every square inch of the model (nude human). use a stitching program to arrange all the photos (hundreds of them) so they make a seemless 2d surface. frame it. display it. the viewers can see what the body looks like "unwrapped." a new perspective.

need to decide where to "cut" the surface. up the middle of the back and each leg? finding a willing model may be difficult since the resulting piece will not be flattering. but i will execute this this year.

gnormal, Feb 16 2001

Curious Labs Poser http://www.curiouslabs.com/
After you have a human texture map, you can map it onto a rendered figure [wiml, Feb 16 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Alba D'Urbano's 'Couture' http://www.durbano.de/couture/index.html
[phoenix, May 03 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       yea, as i was typing it i was afraid someone would shout "texture map!" and it's funny you mention the sims because that's as baked as i've found this idea to be (which is hardly at all). there are .bmps installed with the sims which are texture maps for the characters. they are the nearest thing ive seen to a human pelt. one weird thing- they're square!
gnormal, Feb 17 2001

       Quake skins are flat too. They wrap around a model that gives them texture, of a sort.
StarChaser, Feb 18 2001

       Write software to do this to any human-shaped model, and then the software to apply the maps to a 3d model... That as a 3DS MAX plugin would rule. Especially if it didn't cost lots and lots of money.
badoingdoing, Feb 18 2001

       i found the software: photostitch. it came with my new canon usb digi elph! amazingly ease to use software.
gnormal, Feb 24 2001

       badoingdoing: sounds like a good way to put yourself into a video game. Is it baked?
miles, Apr 04 2001

       Kiki Smith has a set of prints that use this principle. The best known is probably "My Blue Lake", which is viewable a few places on the net.
tspyz, May 02 2002

       Take it to a new level (link).
phoenix, May 03 2002


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