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identically sized, custom frequency machine washers and engine mounts

standard sized washers have adjustbale foam or wiggles at the interior adjustably screening out vibration, causing greater machine longevity
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ok, think of any kind of washer, engine mount, or sound dampening washer. These could all have identical external dimensions, yet based on a foam or corrugated inner core have a preferred frequency response, to reduce engine vibration or screen out anything that might be resonant frequency at a mechanism. Then, the fun part, lasers could modify the foam or crenellations at the site to customize the frequency response of the improved, standard dimension washers.

reducing vibration to a more optimal kind causes machinery to last longer and vibrate apart less. At vehicles this would produce a smoother ride as well. It is possible this could also be a part of shock absorbers.

beanangel, Oct 21 2016


       I don't think external resonance causes much wear. Internal resonance is already engineered out, a process that has nothing to do with with the site of operation.
Voice, Oct 21 2016

       I'm with [Voice]. I thatk that this idea lacks atsight atto the problem.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2016

       So, the idea is "design mountings so that they perform well under the expected vibration conditions"?   

Wrongfellow, Oct 22 2016

       [voice] well, if you have heard a dryer thump, or seen a nut loosen from vibration even with a washer, then washer custom tuned to applications could benefit a machine staying on tolerance.
beanangel, Oct 22 2016

       It seems to me that you are askatg the washers to match (or possibly mis-match) the resonant frequency of some component. Given that the washers are relatively small, and have to support some sort of load (and therefore can't be made of jelly), I don't believe this can be done.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 22 2016

       To damp vibration the material must compress or expand in the same plane with the axis of the vibration to be damped. The thinner the material the more limited the capacity to convert motion into heat.
WcW, Oct 24 2016

       'tis proof that the creator of this universe has a sense of humour. Nuts always vibrate looser and never tighter...   

       Maybe would should all use left hand threads and then the problem is solved?
Ling, Oct 24 2016

       [mb] um, these are basically a lot like adjustable jelly filled washers, where you could have a laser or (EM) adjust the gooiness of the jelly
beanangel, Oct 24 2016


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