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indominable snowman

perpetual snowman
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This is a large scale snowman that is installed in a public place overnight. The completed figure is only uncovered, and fully revealed following a period of heavy snow.

The true joy of the indominable snowman is that he never goes away. His frosty exterior conceals a refrigerated shape that remains perpetually frozen, the cooling apparatus hidden inside the plinth on which he stands. As the weather warms, he will glisten and sweat buckets of cold water, like the melting icebergs of Greenland, but he never disappears.

Spectators will cool their hands and feet in the water of the shallow moat that begins to surround his base, and stare up in wonder at the defiant snowman resisting the mid-summer heat of a warming world.

xenzag, Dec 22 2005


       Whoa, this one dropped like a stone! (+)   

       Not sure where the heat would go, but that's just a small detail that can be overcome by the engineers. [+]
erenjay, Nov 27 2012

       The extracted heat can be used to power a communal hot tub on a nearby plinth. In the winter time this will steam away as the snowman is silently watches. (some additional heat may be required)
xenzag, Nov 27 2012

       You'll need snowpacking roboninjas to rebuild it at night.
Voice, Nov 27 2012


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