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intellisense forum

forum with intellisense and code marking (colorification)
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forum form where when you write code it has intellisense helping you complete it, and coloring it correctly.

As far as I know only the coloring is available in some forums (and many not even that) and you have to use your local IDE editor for writing the code.

[edited. was:] self explanatory idea

pashute, Aug 23 2015


       //self explanatory idea// Nope.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2015

       Well [MB], when you go to add your own scratched graffiti to the ancient engravings on, say, Trajan's Column, or any other feature of a forum, there's no auto-complete option to help you with your Latin verb-endings.   

       Clearly, there should be.   

       Res ipsa loquitur. Honestly!
pertinax, Aug 24 2015


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