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when I was your age we used the internet...
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the interbrain is like the internet, only it is directly connected to your brain.

unless humans develop telepathy by some collosal accident of evolution, one would have to have an operation done in which a transmitter of some sort was implanted within the skull that would allow the host to access information from the brain of anyone on the network. you can also post information or allow access to specific storage areas of your memory. you can set real-time moods in myspace. you can think real-time blogs. you can watch live point-of-view porn. unlimited possibilities.

there are lots of downsides though. like malicious users (hackers, crackers, etc.) putting viruses and stuff in your brain. altering your dna, that sort of thing. i suppose thats what vaccinations are for (antivirus haha).

theres too much stuff to write, so I'll let you all come up with ideas about this :)

fuzzybagel, Jan 19 2008

Wikipedia: Brainstorm (1983 film) http://en.wikipedia...instorm_(1983_film)
One of the earlier explorations of brain/computer interfaces in science fiction movies. [jutta, Jan 19 2008]

Halfbakery: Brain-Web.net (2000) Brain-Web_2enet
Pretty much the same idea. [jutta, Jan 19 2008]

the treon blog with the non neuron neurocommunication idea plus a bunch of cure heart disease ideas http://www.imminst....blog&blogid=22&st=0
[beanangel, Jan 21 2008]


       This is an old science-fiction idea, and frequently posted here in some form or other.   

       People who suggest it tend to gloss over the fact that the impulses running through your brain don't necessarily run in someone else's - our hardware is different.   

       How did "altering your DNA" get into the list of bad side effects? That seems to have nothing to do with the rest.
jutta, Jan 19 2008

zeno, Jan 19 2008

       We already have this.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       [-] for affectation of using no capitals, which i despise.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 19 2008

       //theres too much stuff to write, so I'll let you all come up with ideas about this :)//
I have an idea: Please use our famous *apostrophe shooter* where you lack apostrophes.
xandram, Jan 19 2008

       Yes, but Microshit are trying to claim they own the IP and the copyright.
8th of 7, Jan 19 2008

       Bla di bla indeed BUT, there is much talk nowadays about a real interbrain. If you view all humans as part of a bigger machine...If you think of all of us as a giant computer...
zeno, Jan 20 2008

       perhaps this is chum to attract a shark tale:   

       marine organisms have electric sensors that detect an aa batery at more than 1000km   

       look for similar structures as part of nerve tissue as the ability to sense electric charge at a distance muchly complements the dendrite bordered neuron; what if adjacent myelinated neurons are sharing nformation processing   

       a simple test would be the living mammal brain slice protocol with gel, conductor isolation to see if electrically connected absent neuron connected or chemical connected neurons affect each other may be the system to test non neuron neurocommunication   

       thus chemically isolated neural structures could be found; also fmri is usually accomplished with hydrogen MR I think its possible to do Ca Magnetic resonance imaging that way a Ca ion (active beuron) activation map can be created n tested to see if it communicates across brain tissue absent neural connection like an electrically immediate lymph system of nformation   

       highly specialized medications could be used to address this system   

       wikipedia says [fish sensory organ]The gel is a glycoprotein based substance with the same resistivity of seawater, and it has electrical properties similar to a semiconductor, allowing it to essentially transduce temperature changes into an electrical signal   

       I think any actual scientist that proves noncontact electrical communication amongst brain areas would get a nobel prize
beanangel, Jan 21 2008

       Hey look, Treon used not one, but two commas! Wonder what his readability fox index is...
RayfordSteele, Jan 22 2008

       I hope ill be alive when that technology comes out. I definitely will have to have it.
canoro, Jul 25 2009


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