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invisible ink

ivisble ink (sort of)
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a half invisible ink. half? you ask its only half by while asleep inserting contaks that filters out a certern frecency of light and color to that person you need and then writeing on his clothes with a sertan amount of color and light in the ink of the pen.
crash, Sep 08 2007


       kind of red all over, then
po, Sep 08 2007

       Your, um, friend would need to be *really* asleep for you to insert contacts without him noticing. Even then, I can't imagine he wouldn't notice immediately on waking, or very shortly thereafter.   

       So, while I'm all for messing with people's heads, I have to give this a -. Sorry.   

       But this would be a way to get at someone who's colorblind or partially colorblind, no contact insertion needed. We have a candidate in mind if you're interested.   

       P.S. Is English your first language?
DrCurry, Sep 08 2007

       Dr. Curry meet crash, wagster's young protege. crash, Dr. Curry.
dentworth, Sep 08 2007

       yes, crash, very hard to put contacs in a sleeping person's eyes. maybe you can just give them some glasses and make a game of it.
dentworth, Sep 08 2007

       wagster: teach the kid to spell, fer goodness' sake!
DrCurry, Sep 08 2007

       crash: Dr. Curry is the town curmudgeon, probably the autoboner, and the author of Pedants of the Languagedoc
dentworth, Sep 08 2007

       sorry, dent but [crash] is certainly being lazy - his spelling is awfuk.   

       not to mention his grandma...   

       great jape though. ivisble really *should* be a word.   

       could I mark that as a tagline? - in all this time, I've never had a tagline... perhaps that should be a tagline...
po, Sep 08 2007

       dentworth: sorry to disappoint, but as patiently explained elsewhere, I am *not* the Autoboner, if only because the Autoboner doesn't exist. And waugsqueke is the town curmudgeon. Oh, wait, he left.
po: I was pretty sure I saw your classic "Recipes for disaster" up there. Hard to top that one, really.
DrCurry, Sep 09 2007

       No, if an Autoboner existed, s/he would try to make you think s/he was someone else. Like me. Btw, does anyone ever complain about Autobunners when they get *positive* votes without comments?
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007

       iVisble- Apples new products for the "visibility challenged"
HalfPlus, Sep 10 2007


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