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eyes in the back of your head
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A concealed pill sized camera is pointed out the back of your head. This camera has AI to let you know if it detects someone trailing you. If it detects this it alerts you discreetly on your smartphone or smartwatch with footage. On the smartphone it could even render you a map with what distance you've been followed. Upgraded models could detect weapons and other unsavory things.

Great for spies and others who fear for their safety.

lepton, Apr 19 2016

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       // A concealed pill sized camera is pointed out the back of your head //   

       So, drill a shallow 1/4" hole in the skull and stick the camera in there?
whatrock, Apr 19 2016

       Recommended only for those with hair. Or thick skulls. Or skin tags in strange places...
RayfordSteele, Apr 19 2016

       Along with one other concept, this idea fills me with trepanation.   


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