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neighbourhood watch couch potatoes

watch your local surveillance cameras comfortably from your home
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I am surprised it is not already mentioned in this category.

Just this morning I read that about half of all the surveillance cameras here in Amsterdam are not manned. This was said by someone arguing these cameras give a false sense of security. People feel safe, but when something really happens, nobody is watching. With some luck it is recorded.

Now, hook up the unmanned surveillance cameras to the local cable-tv network. People at home who want some diversion, but are too tired to take the risk of being bombarded with commercials when watching ordinary television, can do their civic duty and virtually 'walk around town' with just a remote control in their hand. It sure beats looking out of the window.

When they see something suspicious they call a free number and enter the number of the camera in a phone menu. A professional then watches the image and sends some cops over if he agrees something bad can be prevented.

[Apr 12, title changed using po's suggestion, instead of 'surveillance cameras on cable']

rrr, Apr 09 2004

baked in Shoreditch? http://www.theregis...editch_big_brother/
Apparently baked in Shoreditch in the UK according to El Reg [rrr, Jan 09 2006]


       neighbourhood watch couch potatoes
po, Apr 09 2004

       Curtain-twitchers go global!
gnomethang, Apr 09 2004

       + for the idea ... I can imagine that some people (in my street) will be glued.
jonthegeologist, Apr 09 2004

       If there was a financial reward as incentive, this would probably be a pretty popular show with certain persons.
normzone, Apr 09 2004

       Next season on FOX.
swamilad, Apr 09 2004

       Wouldn't they have to have someone watching them anyway for censorship? You know what peeps are like once they know there's a live TV camera somewhere they recognise.
dooper, Apr 09 2004

       I feel another reality tv show coming on...
eyeguy, Apr 09 2004

       What dooper said. The crime cameras here have to be monitored by two officials at a time so that one won't be tempted to zoom in on people/things that take their fancy. If one doesn't turn up for their shift, the other is not allowed to watch.
Helium, Apr 09 2004

       //If there was a financial reward as incentive...// I don't think this would need an incentive. Instead the system could be financed with banners that show ads from businesses in the neighborhood. - "Monitoring just one channel? Joe's now has 6 screens in the bar." - "Saw your husband cheating? We make the most of your divorce! Call ......."
kbecker, Apr 09 2004

       Let the viewers control the camera also. They dial a 0900 number and use the 2 and 8 for panning up and down, the 4 and 6 left- right. 1 for zooming in, 3 for zooming out. If more people try to control the same camera simultaneously, an average of all the commands is used. With 2 and 8 pushed, nothing happens, with 2 pushing the 2 and 1 the 8, the camera pans up. And so on.
rrr, Apr 11 2004


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