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ion accelerated engine

ion accelerated propultion by using a cyclotron
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If you use a cyclotron like you use in partical accelerators round that is, to accelerate any ion or partical you will reach .999999% of C . By the way Einstein's E=MC2 does increase the mass but it also increases the kinetic energy. You would have to use a nuclear reactor to achieve the energy to reach .999999 of C .


gemmangary12, Aug 26 2009


       I was just reading about a new ion drive that can do about .65c [+]
FlyingToaster, Aug 26 2009

       //any ion //
Any old ion?
coprocephalous, Aug 26 2009

       Ion drives are well known. As for the science, e=mc2 is for rest mass, and kinetic energy is not the important variable, it's the specific impulse.
ldischler, Aug 26 2009


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