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ionic turbo

a turbo charger which uses ions to attract air
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basically build a turbo charger with a set of rings which are ionized and attract air the only problem i think there would be is it might not have enough pressure and would use a lot of electricity cool concept ?
dexhax, Mar 29 2008

Ion Air Cannon from Exair http://www.exair.co.../Ion+Air+Cannon.htm
Not close, but they would if they could. [baconbrain, Mar 31 2008]

Ionocraft http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ionocraft
produces thrust in air using electrical energy without moving parts [baconbrain, Mar 31 2008]

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       Might wanna change the catagory. A few periods would be nice too.
acurafan07, Mar 29 2008

       Ahh, Great for when you turbo charge your nano-dragster. I suspect that if this worked, at the scale it would need to work, it would be the means of propulsion rather than an auxiliary.
WcW, Mar 29 2008


       Iconic turbo - a great big turbo mounted above the bonnet/hood, painted red and labelled "TURBO".
wagster, Mar 29 2008

       Welcome to the HB, but [-]: no punctuation.   

       Also, have you made any estimate of the flows, pressures, voltages, currents? No?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2008

       MB wot? punk u ation?   

       [dexhax] choose your category wisely...
po, Mar 29 2008

       Capital grrrr exclamation mark, Po.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2008

       wot? hmmm Po without the brackets, hee hee
po, Mar 29 2008

       OK, since you've been kind enough to capitalize me. [P]o.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2008

       I quite like that...
po, Mar 29 2008

       [A]ny time.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 29 2008

       Sounds like magnetohydrodynamics ..... not practical in a dense atmoshere.
8th of 7, Mar 29 2008

       //with a set of rings which are ionized// How do you ionise rings?

Call that a turbo? (ironic turbo)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 30 2008

       Ionized rings? I think my ex-wifes wedding ring was positively ionized ... It brought all her negative qualities to the surface.
MikeD, Mar 31 2008

       I guess whether the pressure would be great enough depends on whether the wind coming off one of those ionic breeze air purifiers would be enough. I'm thinking not.
DrCurry, Mar 31 2008

       The closest thing to this that I know of is an Ion Air Cannon (link). It uses compressed air to blow ionized air around. I'd say that if they could make the ionized air move itself, they'd do it.   

       There is a little "UFO" object that uses ionization to move air for lift, but it's very small and uses lots of power. See link to Wikipedia.   

       "The Greeks made it long ago. It's an Ionic turbo."
baconbrain, Mar 31 2008

       I thought you said "Iconic Turbo" and imagined a large bronze statue - wondering all the while why the hell you'd bother.   

       Rather similar to this idea, actually.
Custardguts, Apr 09 2008

       The turbo only works for some people, and they have to concentrate really hard (psionic turbo).
sninctown, May 25 2008

       The turbo looks great, costs a fortune and makes the right noise, but isn't connected to the engine (ironic turbo).
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2008

       Or else it's a cross between an electric eel and a plaice (ionic turbot).
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2008

       Or else it's hand-cranked, and requires superhuman effort to operate (bionic turbo).
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2008

       ionic breeze quadra?
kevinthenerd, Jun 10 2008


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