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ionizing furnace filter

the power of electricity to clean your air
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many have seen those various ionic breeze fans. A series of metal plates. When an electric current is applied they create a circuit and electro statically attract dirt.

I propose the same technology but used as a pre-filter-filter for forced air furnaces. Now instead of having to buy expensive mesh filters the patented metarinka "ionic filter" will capture dust before it hits your filter.

saves money and has a scientific sounding name. I predict it will sell like hot cakes.

metarinka, Oct 27 2011

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       Haven't I seen an 'as seen on TV' gizmo that's supposed to ionize intake air in an engine to 'improve combustion' or some bs like that? You could tap the automotive market with this, too. I mean, yours would actually work, so, like, bonus.   

       How would it save money, though? The hardware itself would be pretty pricey, because it's not gonna be a one- size-fits-all mass production item like the home air filters. Then you have to plug it into the wall, so there's upkeep expense, too.
Alterother, Oct 27 2011

       How many standard filter sizes are there? Maybe 10? So have 10 different filter plates that have a wire that connects to the control unit.   

       Based on the amount of dust on a standard filter, if this is effective, you'll need to clean this filter occasionally. How often do you need to clean an ionic breeze?
scad mientist, Oct 28 2011

       The nifty thing about the "ionic breeze" thingies is that they move (a small amount of) air without an ostensibly moving part.   

       The bog standard thing is the electrostatic filtering for which phrase Google returned 6,000,000 hits.
FlyingToaster, Oct 28 2011

       //How often do you need to clean an ionic breeze?//
Or a Doric or Corinthian?
TolpuddleSartre, Oct 28 2011

       In the old house we had a filter which was a series of plates you describe, attached to the furnace. I suspect it did exactly what you describe. I would rinse it off from time to time. If you put it back in wet it produced entertaining hissing and popping.
bungston, Oct 28 2011


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