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keratin implants

to break the skin without infection
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Implants that must break the skin, such as powered and wired devices, often have much trouble with infections and inflammation where the implant breaks through.

I propose that the part that must go from the inside to the outside of the augmentee's body have a knot of keratin around it, shaped in such a way that skin tends to close around but not grow over it.
Voice, Aug 10 2010


       Wouldn't this get inflamed like an ingrown nail?
Spacecoyote, Aug 10 2010

       The problem with infection and inflammation is that it's easier for there to be deposits on things which are just sitting there. There's also an issue about anything which is positively charged. I don't think keratin is special in that way. I am curious about coral though.
nineteenthly, Aug 10 2010

       Silicone implants have been used to raise self esteem for many years... maybe some variation of that could be used with the colostomy bag crowd. And who says the colostomy has to erupt from the body in the same old location? Guys with low self esteem have been raiding their sock drawers for years -- why not put it down there where... wait a minute, what was the question? Bun [+].
Grogster, Aug 10 2010


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