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I-just-hit-delete-and-wasted-hours-of-work Ltd.
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Ever hit delete on a tragically important file?

Forever hitting F1 Help when you meant to type ESC?

Introducing the keyboardcube. This lil cube fits neatly over any key on your keyboard. Coloured in traditional poisonous snake warning colours and enscribed with the word "Don't! Idiot!", the keyboardcube will stop you accidently pressing the wrong key.

jonthegeologist, Dec 23 2003

keyboardcube http://hazelmottram...es/keyboardcube.htm
ah! Shit! Again! [jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       I've used something like this on my calculator, too, to keep me from pressing the "AC" button (which clears the memory).   

       Alternatively, a freeware program called KeyTweak lets you disable or remap any key on the keyboard.
phundug, Dec 23 2003

       We pull the keycaps off those keys for students. It's a subtle but effective reminder to pay attention.
phoenix, Dec 23 2003

       we knock the kneecaps off - tough school mine!
po, Dec 23 2003

       A very effective (if not so subtle) reminder as well.
phoenix, Dec 23 2003

       The snake image could have little real poisonous snake tooth sticking out. Nobody will make that mistake twice.
You need something similar for the buttons on the dialog boxes. Perhaps a little squirt gun filled with acid on top of the monitor with an USB controlled trigger. - Oops, tried to confirm deletion of an important file again! - Ahhhh, my eyes are on fire.
kbecker, Dec 23 2003

       Maybe include a retina scan machine, so if you even *look* at the wrong key like you're going to press it, you get squirted in the eye.
phundug, Dec 23 2003

       what [Phun] and [o] said just disable the key in software
neilp, Dec 23 2003

       You spoilsport [neilp]. Where is the fun in that?!
hazel, Dec 23 2003

       A far more elegant and sensible suggestion [o] if truth be told...
hazel, Dec 23 2003

       witch! keyboardcube is the way forward. to be honest, I have a prototype I use a work, fashioned from a vittel water bottlecap. works a treat. I *never* press F1 these days!
jonthegeologist, Dec 23 2003

       who you calling witch, boyfriend?!
hazel, Dec 23 2003

       You could always rewrite the drivers for the keyboard to switch the functions of the F1 ans Esc keys...
whatastrangeperson, Dec 23 2003

       mmm... but then I'd constantly exit my email in Lotus Notes when I don't want to. Disabling the key, manually, seems the only way. Say you agree, [whato]?
jonthegeologist, Dec 23 2003


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