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Roman Numeral Keypad

Speed up entry of Roman numerals
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Ever tried to enter a long sequence of Roman numerals on a keyboard? They're all over the place - X, I, C, L, V. How ever did the Romans manage? (I heard somewhere that the failure of the Roman empire was because they had no zero to indicate a successful return value. [C/Unix joke])

To balance my keyboard out, the other side of the keys from my Arabic numeric keypad, I just want a neat array of IVXLCDM in a little square with a shift key for raising by a thousand. Perhaps also keys to defend bridges single-handedly, run kings out of town and serve me up a freshly-baked dormouse.

pottedstu, Jan 08 2002

COMPVTER ROMANVS http://www.naturalmath.com/tool2.html
Not for Barbarians [thumbwax, Jan 08 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Maybe you should just get an application that re-maps your keyboard to what you want or get software that automatically converts numbers to roman numerals.   

       I bet it exists.
seal, Jan 08 2002

       Looks like you already have -I [pottedstu]. Afraid I'm going to make it -II.
phoenix, Jan 08 2002

       How often do you use Roman Numerals? And binary, [Rods Tiger]? Ugh... Fishbone.
Salty Ham, Jan 10 2002

       Excel has a function that will change numbers in to Roman Numerals, and i'm pretty sure you can do the same in word...
[ sctld ], Jan 10 2002


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