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knitted TV job thingy

like a blanket with pockets you throw on the TV; to watch TV pull an activity card from one of the pockets
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anyway there are people that would like to communicate more or share tasks

during the 20th century the television was kind of a communal family activity area

visualize a knitted thing like a blanket that you throw on the TV with pockets that have task cards; to watch tv the family member must do a task card

tasks might be:

write some song lyrics

show a parent your homework

play with the fish

make an out of state call

load the dishwasher

talk about school

discuss where we should vacation

its a way of programming family togetherness as well as moving ahead on things

knitted n amateurish as I thought it might make a nifty craft that moms could make n put on ebay (yahoo answers frequently has moms looking for lucrative projects)

beanangel, Apr 18 2008

(?) link of unusual comp knitware peculiarity http://gizmodo.com/...y-laptop-jumper.jpg
[beanangel, Apr 18 2008]


       play with the fish?
evilpenguin, Apr 18 2008

       Well, it beats sleeping with them.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 18 2008

       I'm not gonna play with the fish. Fish don't like me.
jaksplat, Apr 18 2008

       This could be built into a TiVo or VCR. You watch for 15 minutes and then, instead of a commerical, the screen fades to black and a message comes on: WASH DISHES. Press "I did it!" when finished.
phundug, Apr 18 2008

       <WARNING!! Very bad, very old pun ahead!!>

I tried playing with the fish once, but their sound was very badly off-key. Does anybody out there know how to tuna fish?
Canuck, Apr 19 2008

       Bun for a useful and social idea. Meta-bun for your new style of writing.
wagster, Apr 19 2008


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