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l.e.d. fluorescing peppermill

home glowin'
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A peppermill that has l.e.d.s spaced on the bottom perimeter to light up your freshly ground and falling pepper sprinkles (probably with white peppercorns mixed in).

options are single/mixed colors. eg.... blue or red or combos of colors.

another option is uv l.e.d.s with mixed peppercorns. might need to add a fluorescent edible substance as I can find no information on whether pepper is fluorescent or not. perhaps shake the peppercorns in powdered turmeric as this was mentioned to be fluorescent though I don't know that for fact.

also possible to generate the power for the l.e.d.s from the turning of the top of the peppermill.

no worries, my on/off passing interest in electronics will turn to something else soon enough. ;)

nth, Dec 23 2005

Peppermill with a light http://www.amazon.c...1?v=glance&n=284507
Needs batteries. Apart from that, though... [moomintroll, Dec 23 2005]


       Excellent. Have an L.E.D. covered croissant. (+)
zigness, Dec 23 2005

       Close encounters of the spicy kind.
reensure, Dec 23 2005

       I can think of absolutely no usefulness for this invention. Therefore, a freshly baked, highly spiced, mysteriously glowing bun for you.
lurch, Dec 23 2005

       You can already buy electric peppermills with lights in the bottom to illuminate the area you're pepperising. I thought it was a dumb idea, too, but it sells. Not enough of a difference here for me, sorry. [-]
moomintroll, Dec 23 2005

       Please honey, eat your mac n cheese. I'll sprinkle this magic powder on and you'll grow that nice unicorn horn you've always wanted.   

       (28 yrs later) Please dear, take your medication. It'll make you forget all about that silly unicorn horn you've been going on about all these years.   

       That aside., sonofagun, you're right mit... should I m4d this?
nth, Dec 23 2005


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