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lady pedal grip fluffy covers

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my shoes sometimes slip on the pedals and its scary...

do you fellas have problems with wet shoes on the pedals? try my lady pedal grip fluffy covers.

you know how fluff grips the carpet? well, I'm hoping it works on pedals.

po, Oct 02 2007

Cleats Range_20of_20cleat-...0foot_20accessories
Or you could have your car pedals fitted to accept cleats, just like bicycle pedals. On second thoughts, maybe not... [hippo, Oct 03 2007]

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       I thought we talked about this, somewhere. There were pictures of fluffy pedal covers. I'll look.   

       no fuzzy dice, the bicycler websites are all racy pedal covers, and hi tech stuff. I must have imagined it. +
dentworth, Oct 02 2007

       they're fully washable, of course.
po, Oct 03 2007

       I don't quite know why or what for, but a 'lady pedal' sounds like a euphamism to me.
marklar, Oct 03 2007

       Have you seen [po]'s 'lady pedals'?
(also sp. "euphemism")
hippo, Oct 03 2007

       Sometimes my foot starts to slip off the clutch when I'm pulling away from a stop. In stop-and-go, I definitely don't want to suddenly either lurch ahead to strike the car before, nor suddenly kill the engine and get tapped from behind!   

       Big cleated bun.
elhigh, Oct 03 2007

       big fluffy lady pedals. teeheehee. + for the name alone, the idea sounds messy and not good, but big fluffy lady pedal *slippers*, I would go for. cuz nothing says diva like car shoes you wear just for driving your car.
k_sra, Oct 03 2007

       //do you fellas have problems with wet shoes on the pedals?//   

       Not me, I've got a big fluffy pedal boat.
skinflaps, Oct 03 2007

       Sounds good to me.   

       I used to have a pair of boots that had these peculiar, foamy soles. Little did I know when I bought them in the carpetted shop, that they would become like a death-trap when I tried to walk on a flat, wet surface. They also slid off car pedals spectacularly.   

       So, I'm all for lady pedal grip fluffy covers.
Jinbish, Oct 03 2007

       it + is = it's
awesomest, Oct 03 2007

       po, are you intending for these to be fluffy so you can slip your shoes off to drive, or are you planning to keep your shoes on? I can understand why you want them fluffy to drive shoeless, but shirley making them fluffy makes them prone to becoming very dirty very quickly. I mean, what if your lady pedal grip fluffy covers are in the dryer when you need to drive through the pouring rain to pick up some more crisps?
Canuck, Oct 03 2007

       I plan on having a different colour for each day of the week and I will drive with either my stilettos or barefoot as the whim takes me.
po, Oct 03 2007

       I love it! "If the lady pedal grip fluffy covers are dusty rose, it must be Thursday."   

       But, according to the last paragraph in your idea's description, for the fluff part to grip most effectively wouldn't the bottom of the shoe have to be covered in carpet?
Canuck, Oct 03 2007

       Whatever happened to the good ol' days when everything was made outta velcro?   

       That'd work sista...
blissmiss, Oct 03 2007

       velcro is too "pully" if you know what I mean.   

       I want something that feels just right - just enough tug and just enough looseness...   

       you need to be able to pull away at lights and dragged back for the law...   

       <breathe> the freedom of the road and...
po, Oct 04 2007

       + yes for driving barefoot.
xandram, Oct 05 2007

       Superglue a pair of slippers onto the pedals.
Dub, Oct 07 2007


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