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Inflating Pick Up Truck

use pick up truck to transport delicate items
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Pick up trucks are characterised by their rear carrying space into which all kinds of items can be casually tossed then driven from place to place. That's perfectly ok until you have to move some delicate that's easily broken. This is when you're glad to paid a little bit extra get the inflating version of your new pick up truck.

As the name suggests, the rear storage area is completely lined with inflating bags that take the form of a large number of individual segments.

You simply place that fragile item in the back; fold up the flat bed door, then press the inflate button. The segments immediately begin filling up with a type of jelly, forming a protective soft cushion that surrounds and protects all items from impact damage as you drive along the crumbling roads that characterise many parts of the world, especially rural America.

Items safely moved, the inflating bags can be switched off; their contents sucked back into storage tanks and the pick up's storage area returned to its deflated state

xenzag, Jun 10 2021

Inflatable packaging comb [pocmloc, Jun 11 2021]


       Keeps the kids from falling out the back too.
AusCan531, Jun 11 2021

       auscan oy vey
pashute, Jun 11 2021

       ''Hey, before you go, the boss wants this one on, for central".
wjt, Jun 12 2021

       + nice sensible idea!
xandram, Jun 12 2021

       Be honest, does this truck make my rear end look fat?   

       //nice sensible idea// I'm not so sure that's a compliment
xenzag, Jun 12 2021

       nice [2fries]. Just suck it in a bit.
wjt, Jun 13 2021

       //does this truck make my rear end look fat?//You were used as its model. That’s what the royalties are for.
xenzag, Jun 13 2021

       [xen] it is a compliment but thought it should be called * inflatable pick up truck bed* as the entire truck doesn’t inflate…oh maybe that is too sensible…haha
xandram, Jun 13 2021

       If the entire passenger cabin was fitted with this invention you could dispense with seat belts and the ride would be much safer.
pocmloc, Jun 13 2021

       //Be honest, does this truck make my rear end look fat?//   

       Umm, yeah. It's the truck.
AusCan531, Jun 14 2021

       I think you included the word "jelly" on purpose to give us some low-hanging fruit, so we wouldn't catch a subtler and more important reason it may be a bad idea. Clever.[+]
Voice, Jun 14 2021

       Oh, surely there's a better fluid than jelly for this. Something thick, squishy... preferably yellow...
Frankx, Jun 17 2021

       No, my mother-in-law is not available. Also, custard has completely wrong properties for this. You want it to give a little in an accident
RayfordSteele, Jun 17 2021


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