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landlord application

a form completed by the landlord and given to the prospective renter
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I’d like to tackle the inequality between landlord and renter with respect to the rental application process. In many regions the rental applicant is required to provide detailed and private information while the prospective landlord is not expected to disclose any. This is unjust. Typically, the required information consists of:
•contact of last two landlords
•place of work and manager's contact
•credit report (and credit card number)
•social security number
•photocopies of identity documents (passport, visa, license)

The rental applicants provide private and confidential information to enable the prospective landlord to inquire about their past in order to evaluate them as tenants; however, the renters have no means to assess the risks of renting from a particular landlord aside from a brief encounter. The current customary process is biased against the renter and this really has to stop (man, it's aggravating!)

I suggest a webpage that will provide a reasonable solution to this bias by providing an equivalent to the rental application, the "landlord application." This is an application that the landlord completes and provides as a counter to the customary rental application. It is suggested that the following information be included in such application:
•contact of last two tenants
•landlord's full name and address
•number of people and ages of people living in house (if shared)
•landlord's place of work

The webpage will also concentrate all resources to renters and possible have a database of rental ratings posted by past renters.

This information will enable the prospective renter to inquire with previous tenants about the rental and the landlord. For example, one could ask if there were noises from the unit above or if the landlord unjustly deducted money from the deposit. In addition, one can inquire with the local city records for previous claims against the landlord and their outcome.

Most of us felt at some point the helplessness and despair due to a bad landlord or loud neighbors in an apartment complex. This is the time to receive the information we deserve as renters prior to signing an agreement with people who might mistreat us and may have done so in the past without any accountability. Both parties need to know who they are entering an agreement with; it should not be as one-sided as it is today.

Any takers?


I understand that current landlords may not like/support this idea due to obvious reasons. They just had it too good for too long: ZERO accountability; and it is hard to give that up. Ultimately, I would like to see this as common practice. Both parties check the history of each other, what could be fairer than that? The assumption landlords always make is that they and all other landlords are angels while tenants are out to rip their carpets up and raise their utility bill </rant>.

BTW: how would one find past tenants without the help of the landlord? That suggestion is just silly. I want to rent a place not change my career to be a detective.

engineer, Dec 31 2004

also on my webpage (more complete) http://www.saardrimer.com/llapp.htm
includes a "Landlord Application" form [engineer, Jan 14 2005]

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       <Hypothetically speaking> As a landlord, finding out if a prospective tenant is going to be someone I want occupying *my property* is common sense, after all it's my shit on the line.
As a tenant, my landlords other business interests and personal info are irrelevant. You are free to look up past tenants and get the dirt on your landlord if you choose.

       //you are free to look up past tenants and get the dirt on the landlord if you choose// easier said than done (sorry [2 fries] ) It would be nice to have the phone number of the last two tenants.   

       If you're going to be facing a $250 electric bill in the summers to keep the apt temp below 90 degrees it would be nice to know. If there is a future hopeful best selling author who also has a problem with looking in the patio window it would also be nice to know.   

       And last of all if there are the mentally unstable squirrels who feel that they are the rightful tenants an out of state landlord should be made to understand the dilema facing their future tenant before handling company takes their money and bingos the lease.
Zimmy, Dec 31 2004

       "If there is a future hopeful best selling author who also has a problem with looking in the patio window it would also be nice to know."   

       Huh? Wha'?   

       What's "bingos the lease" mean?
bristolz, Dec 31 2004

       Aye. Is 'bingo the lease' like 'jargo the cap'?
reensure, Dec 31 2004

       Paraphrasing: If you are going to have is nosy, creepy neighbors peering into your house, it would be nice to know ahead of time.   

       I've never dealt with mentally unstable squirrels, but under one woman, I have gone several weeks with no heat, and my friend had his ceiling collapse. We also lost our security deposits. You can contest that sort of thing, I know, but mostly to sooth your pride. You still end up short a few hundred dollars.
tiromancer, Dec 31 2004

       I like this idea, though I don't think landlords are motivated to comply, unless it is a renters' market.   

       Tenants take a risk when renting a home. One risk is that they won't get along with the landlord. Having to move because of a landlord conflict is a major life disruption, and a financial burden, especially if there is a lease.   

       If you are considering renting an apartment, then you can ask the other tenants in the building about the landlord. But if you are renting a house, the only way to get references is to ask for them. In areas where there is a really high vacancy rate, the landlords might be motivated to give references.   

       I like the idea for a web site for tenants to trade info about landlords.
robinism, Jan 14 2005

       [robinism], i've had all the situations you described. there is just no good way to get valid information other than talk to previous tenants in the same unit you are going to rent. even in an apartment complex, because when you talk to the neighbors upstairs they will not tell you of their "nightly" habits and that it WILL disturb you (i'll let you figure that one out; true story, I left, btw.)   

       sure, if it a renter's market, this will be more appealing to landlords... but i'd like to see this as part of common practice (by law?) in any market conditions. landlords get down right abusive when its a "landlord market" and when they see the tenants as dollar signs.   

engineer, Jan 14 2005

       hey, just saw your post, did u do anything about this?   

       the reason i logged this idea was to find other interested parties to actually do this. interested?
williamsmatt, Oct 06 2008


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