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lawyers contact stickers on licence.

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Most lawyers have business cards, and that is all good and useful.

However sometimes you may forget the cards or the lawyer's number in the most critical of time.

To counter this, the lawyer has a business card with a sticker that can be peeled and stuck to a driver's licence or a weapon permit.

This is useful when you are under pressure, and should not be fumbling around.

Just make sure the sticker can be peeled off cleanly when the authorities is trying to authenticate the card.

mofosyne, Mar 21 2014

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       YOU can get a weapons permit?
normzone, Mar 21 2014

       Well, everyone else can...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 21 2014

       Perhaps in your state. In mine, one must own a politician or know the sheriff.
normzone, Mar 21 2014

       //In mine, one must own a politician or know the sheriff.// What part of "shall not be infringed" is confusing?
Voice, Aug 13 2014

       //In mine, one must own a politician or know the sheriff//   

       In mine you have to know how to mail a $60 check to the capital.
DIYMatt, Aug 13 2014

       //What part of "We The People" is confusing?//   

       The random capital letters confused me. Then I went and looked at the original document, which has arbitrarily-inserted capital letters all over the place, what's going on with that?
bs0u0155, Aug 13 2014

       They were all pissed when they wrote it, is what. Take a look at the paintings of the occasion - bottles and glasses everywhere...
8th of 7, Aug 13 2014


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