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lift ticket vest

mandatory equiptment on difficult runs
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I think the recent news stories in two cases on two different continents indicate a skier was saved by precautionary equipment.

One was some kind of super RFId that maybe royalty only presents have access to currently, I'm not certain.

The other was an improbable self deployed airbag that actually worked - I am uncertain how it worked, but it did.

Both halfbakeryesque type mechanisms saved each person from avalanches.

Let's make such equipment part of the lift ticket for the diamond slopes.

Flares in pocket 2, airbag, Super-RFID, mega/ super/ultra one time use hair dryer stick in pocket one.

I'm Zimmy and I approve this message.

Zimmy, Feb 22 2012

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       This sounds more like a "Let's all do this" thing. Repackage this idea as an avalanche survival kit that should be a mandatory part of the lift ticket price. I have never been skiing and never intend to, but after repackaging I'll throw a frozen bun at it anyway.
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

       not quite sure how psalms' re-packaging is actually so very different...
po, Feb 22 2012

       Yeah, I was thinking the same thing after I said it...   

       Make a tool that has an airbag, RFID, hair dryer blaster and airbag all in one convenient stick?
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

       Only if you go on the dangerous slopes. From my understanding both incidents involved that if not more.   

       I thought I edited my auto-i-know-what-you- really meant to type   

       TGIF error out replaced with the RFID I actually typed in. My appypologies.
Zimmy, Feb 22 2012

       Almost all persons caught in avalanches are back- country (ie. out-of-bounds) skiers and snowmobilers. Very few people are caught in an avalanche on groomed, managed runs, even diamond rated. The cost for each backpack is $500 to $700. Even with today's sky-high lift ticket prices, this won't be easy to afford.
Cedar Park, Feb 22 2012


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