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Flaming Rooster Tail Skis

(child-safe version)
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For looking impressive - at lower speeds. Because skiing fast enough to suck up snow in a turbulent wake is something I don't feel the need to do, anymore.

These skis have a cutout behind the heel clamp with a blade mounted inside. The blade angles downward and works like a wood plane or a cheese slicer skimming a thin layer of snow from beneath the ski. The snow is channeled by a curved chute that slings it up into the air. Behind the chute is a bright light shielded to illuminate only the rooster tail. The light changes colors with speed; Blues for slower speeds, reds for faster.

Now, as I tuck a whole 100 feet, reaching speeds near 35mph, onlookers will once again be truly awestruck at the sight of me streaking past; My colorful tail radiating an ominous look of full throttle propulsion, and me, making rocket noises.

Shz, Dec 06 2004

Ski Lighting Light_20Up_20The_20Skis
Some useful technology, courtesy of [theircompetitor] [Shz, Dec 06 2004]

Ski Speedometer Ski_20Speedometer
A necessary component, courtesy of [doug4] [Shz, Dec 06 2004]


       Drat. I was thinking butane-enhanced ([AfroAssault], I summon thee!), which would have the added effect of melting your trail, eventually making it more difficult for others to follow in your wake of awesomeness.
absterge, Dec 07 2004

       Hmmm. I hadn’t thought of it as an anti-gravity device. For you, I will build a pair with really large blades, so you can ski uphill.
Shz, Dec 08 2004

       I love it, though I agree the blades would probably slow you down. Perhaps some kind of control, so that you could lower them once you'd built up speed. That way, they'd function as brakes and flashy gizmos in one.
DocBrown, Dec 08 2004

       Of course the blades cause drag. This isn’t about speed-skiing. I like the blade control idea, though. - Good addition.
Shz, Dec 08 2004

       <waits patiently for snowboard version>   

       [2 fries] I reject you totaly. everyone knows snowboarders never wait patiently for anything. I think it's all that time they have to spend on their asses, getting the board on and off.
ato_de, Dec 09 2004

       <feeling rejected>
I'm just a menace on skis is all.


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