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lollie launcher

imagine; pan, till, and dispense
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A small Desktop device that if and when filled can be controlled by the computer via usb or wirelessly ge blue tooth and/or key fob

Can be use to dispense candy to your self gently or at others with some force.

Anti trick-or-treaters :)

Sam Herring, Jan 09 2008

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       Springs? Rubber bands? Very small black-powder charges? I think we should be told.
pertinax, Jan 09 2008

       how do you *trick* or *treat* a lollipop catapult? inquiring minds want to know.   

       [i spend a good 2 minutes every morning at work arranging my lollipops]
pyggy potamus, Jan 09 2008

       I would prefer a lollipop lady launcher, that would be fun.
skinflaps, Jan 09 2008

       better: jelly belly beans gun.
erlehmann, Jan 09 2008


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