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lots of files same-thinger

edit huge numbers of images simultaneously
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load them all up in the same application could take up memory and slow down the computer,do one at a time to do roughly the same thing might be boring and slow. use the l o f s t to see what you do to one file and apply it to the rest. emboss one after another,or flip/rotate or colourise ,or convert to gif ,or find edges,etc,or combinations.
technobadger, Jul 03 2001

MIT Medialab: Programming By Example http://lieber.www.m.../people/lieber/PBE/
The "see what you do" part is a research area called "programming by example" - the application generates a script by watching the user do things over and over, drawing its own conclusions about what the different iterations have in common. [jutta, Jul 03 2001]


       This sort of thing is, of course, what makes Unix people so fond of their command-lines.
wiml, Jul 04 2001

       ls --color=none *.jpg|sed -e 's/\(.*\).jpg/ -draw "text 100,100 BAKED" \1.jpg \1-baked.jpg/'|xargs mogrify
lazerlore, Jul 09 2001

       This is soooo baked, that's what PHP and adobe image ready are for. With image ready you just drag the action script on to the desktop and it become a little icon you can drop whole hordes of things on to do anything you want to them.   

       With PHP you can write scripts to do things to all the images in a dir, you can even do this without ever seeing a command line ...
futurebird, Jul 09 2001

       [lazerlore]: That doesn't work on my machine. You can do that far more simply with
mogrify *.jpg -draw "text 100,100 Baked!"
cp, Dec 01 2001


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