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low cost, light weight well drilling rig that incorporates plastic drill stem

A low cost light weight manual well drilling rig so poor families can drill their own water wells.
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A low cost light weight hydrolic percussion well drilling rig that uses a single hollow metal pipe as a guide and combination check valve and dart bit with lenghts of threadable plastic pipe on top of the metal pipe for drill stem. Would allow for easy transport and light weight and low cost would allow poor people to manually drill their own water wells in developing countries. Wells could be open hole drilled with water and mud circulating up through the pipe to surface to bring cuttings up to be deposited in a settling pit. A simple tripod or cross beam would allow the string to be lifted and droped with inertia pumping circulating the fluid. Would have the simplicty of cable tool drilling and the versatility of rotary drilling and be cheap and easy to do.
Imathinker, Jul 15 2004

PVC well pipe http://www.geocities.com/h2oclubs/
Very low-cost drilling rig being used in fringe areas with relatively shallow water tables. (Evangelical Alert) [jurist, Oct 21 2004]

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       Having trouble visualising this one. Would you care to do a drawing?
Zanzibar, Jul 15 2004

       I'm not familiar with well digging, but the drilling rig in [jurist]'s link looks identical to [Imathinker]'s description. The Southern Baptists also designed a low cost pump.
Laughs Last, Jul 15 2004

       Snappy title.   

       I don't get how this varies from the link.
scubadooper, Jul 15 2004

       It uses plastic tube extensions instead of metal, for lightweight, yet long bits.   

       It would lose its effectiveness after a certain depth, since plastics are more susceptible to torsion-related deformation than the iron alloys currently used in drills.
shapu, Jul 15 2004


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