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lullaby pillow

pillow that humms your favourite melodies
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A pillow that will sing your favourites lullabies. You can choose what tune you want to hear and you can also adjust the volume.
qleoca, Jul 02 2000

pillow speaker http://ccrane.com/pillow_speaker.asp
Baked. [egnor, Jul 02 2000]

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       What if it broke and you couldn't shut it up?
AM_Jenni, Jul 03 2000

       " What if it broke and you couldn't shut it up?" It also has a self-destroy feature
qleoca, Jul 03 2000

       That anno did it for me. I would laugh but all these pillow ideas have made me sleepy. Bun. Good night.
dbmag9, Jun 29 2006


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