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Nuclear pillow

stays warm for 20 years
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I keep a pillow between my legs as I side-sleep. This keeps me in a comfortable posture, reducing hip and knee pressure. Still, the pillow inevitably slides out from my legs during the night. After I notice and put the pillow back in place, it's fracking freezing cold! I instinctively push away the pillow, getting into a cycle of aversion and attraction until I muster the will to live with a cold pillow for a few minutes.

The solution is obvious: a cord-free pillow, heated by an internal nuclear reaction.

ivanx, Apr 15 2012


       Sew an elastic strap or two to the pillow? Don't forget to remove it if you go for a piss during the night.
UnaBubba, Apr 15 2012

       Those chemical hand-warmer jobs can last a good while. Perhaps something like that?
RayfordSteele, Apr 15 2012

       Also doubles as a sterility inducer.
ldischler, Apr 15 2012

       And, with a good strong flashlight, you've got everything you need for a cloud chamber! Yay, alpha particles!
lurch, Apr 15 2012

       Yeah, alpha particles are the best. So much better than beta.
mouseposture, Apr 15 2012

       "What could possibly go wrong ?"   

8th of 7, Apr 15 2012

       This is a great plan. I'll take 2!
saedi, Apr 16 2012

       This is a great plan. I'll take 2!
saedi, Apr 16 2012

       It took seven years to come up with the nuclear pillow, but only seven seconds to nuclear pillow-fight.   

       It will feel just like sleeping on a cloud... a mushroom cloud.
UnaBubba, Apr 17 2012

       ...and then you fall-out of bed.   

UnaBubba, Apr 17 2012

       One idea and one other anno since the fall of 2005? Watch this space for further messages!   

       Welcome back, [ivanx].   

       This is a rads idea.
normzone, Apr 18 2012

       If the radiation were strong enough, it might double-up as an effective form of male contraception/mutant offspring initiator.
zen_tom, Apr 18 2012

       A very complex answer to a rather simple problem. Yay! +
blissmiss, Apr 18 2012


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