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magnet busing

amongst those that ride the schoolbus theme the buses such that they provide educational as well as social value
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I read an acticle on transporting high school students to magnet schools; schools with specialized attractive curricula

It occured to me that magnet school buses could bring fun plus special knowledge practice Students would also have the choice of riding the regular bus as well

This differs from student clubs as the overt purpose is to educate

The buses are the slightly posher microbuses plus the different number of students per bus causes people to be transported faster That gives the kids the courage to get on the Topic bus of their choice

The Chaucer bus The Math bus The Venga bus The LBGTQ bus The Community college bus The Get rich bus

On the Chaucer bus it would be normative to talk about Chaucer as well as english literature generally This is a college Prepish activity

The Math bus would be a place to emphasize the Riemann hypothesis

The Venga bus would be the very social techno bus

The LBGTQ bus would be LGBTQ super friendly letting these students more easily find romance

The Community college bus would emphasize nstant careers that can be aquired at community college

The get rich bus would emphasize things like mentoring, LLC formation, Real estate

At my high school there were more than 20 school buses having a magnet topic group of buses would pull lots of people towards things like college prep as well as better social lives

The buses could be ecofriendly as well so students could just be riding green if they felt like it

The money for this comes from the recent manic government urge to fund green things, schools, economic development

I have read at a conservative book review magazine that previously of every 100 students that start high school 20 earn college degrees yet only about 12.5 per hundred are at jobs that require college education

That one more high functioning student per hundred is worth a lot to the economy posh little microbuses may generate a few more high functioning students

Note: UC Davis student bus drivers wage is 9.75 per hour

beanangel, Aug 19 2009

(?) why I thought about making busing more palatable http://www.claremon.../article_detail.asp
[beanangel, Aug 19 2009]

Archived copy of above-linked article https://web.archive.../article_detail.asp
[notexactly, Aug 26 2019]

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       While trying to add that archive link, I accidentally learned that, in Chrome on Windows, alt-V opens the URL on the clipboard in a new tab. Might be useful for somebody.
notexactly, Aug 26 2019


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