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museum of snack packaging that works

A spontaneous survey of snack packaging finds many that are hard to open. How could this be? Ignorance. and a solution to that ignorance is a library of snack packages identified as to polymer, that open easily.
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I have noticed there are many kinds of snack packages that do not open easily. Interestingly this does not seem to have much to do with snack cost.

I think that even at the highest level, package engineers are unaware of what works better.

Thus a museum of snack packages where each of 100 products, labeled as to polymer and layer construction are arranged in order of ease of opening. Each product has 10 or 20 samples so visiting engineers or the public can experience the ones that work well directly.

Admission rates to the museum could be varied; $20 for an engineer, and the cost of the snacks to the general public.

This would improve the lives of billions and possibly rehabilitate a hundred billion package openings annually.

beanangel, Apr 14 2018


       "Hey kids, honey! Today we're going to the Museum of Snack Packaging that works! Kids? Honey? Hello?"
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2018


       "Rule Nine"   

8th of 7, Apr 14 2018

       //I find a lot of packaging has been designed by a shit-for- brains right-handed cretin and then never actually tested on real people who aren’t of course right-handed. Therefore the whole design fails, and the person who designed it should never ever be allowed to go near paid employment for the rest of their pointless dwindling starving useless life (short though I hope that’d be)//   

       Yea! Fuck those guys!
doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2018

       Yeah, and the horses they rode in on, too !   

       // real people who aren’t of course right-handed //   

       Tautology. All real people are right handed. Some are ambidextrous. All left-handers are by definition witches, warlocks, perverts, deviants and infidels.   

       Of course, they get a fair trial, and when found guilty by an unbiased jury of right-handers are let off with a minimal sentence for a first offence, i.e. being summarily burned at the stake.
8th of 7, Apr 14 2018

       Will this require an associated museum of snack packaging production techniques, to keep the samples topped up?
Wrongfellow, Apr 14 2018

       How best could one harness anger to drive a turbine?
pertinax, Apr 14 2018

       Hey! I'm not left handed!
Voice, Apr 15 2018

       In all seriousness this would be cheap to open and maintain. The dollar store has at least a few blissfully easy packages to imitate that are likely to be very value efficient.
beanangel, Apr 16 2018

       Why not also a counter-museum of packaging that doesn't work well? First exhibit will be a Tetra Brik 1 liter liquid container. Actually, first and second exhibits, because there are two kinds of spout you can find on them, and they're both terrible.
notexactly, Apr 18 2018


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