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Project a magnetic field at a location using em-waves, use this to lift an object to space
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The idea is to lift a magnetic object by projecting/creating a magnetic field at a location using electromagnetic waves or the constructive interference of EM-waves.

Since EM-waves are composed of a magnetic field and a electric field, by beaming many of them from the group at a certain location above the ground, it should be possible to create a magnetic field at the intersection of these waves through some form of constructive interference.

The magnetic field could then be far above the earths surface at 1km or 100km high.

A spinning magnetic object in this magnetic field would then be levitated by this opposing magnetic field. The spinning object would not fall over due to its spinning, just as the spinning magnetic toys can float above a magnetic field. (Spin stabilized magnetic levitation - search google).

Note 1. MisterQED said em wave is alternating, but its easy to find experiments on constructing standing EM- waves. (Hertz standing wave between two reflectors). Regardless if standing wave cannot be created in this particular situation, the magnetic field of the object being lifted could also be alternating by creating an electrically powered alternating magnetic field through use of coils of wires and current. Also note that particular interference patterns of waves generated from multiple sources can create a large summation crest at a location in space.

Note 2. Ling said "The only way we can concentrate magnetic fields is either by having very small air gaps, or by conducting the magnetic field using something other than air". Note that magnetic fields transfer (almost) just as good in air as in empty outer space. It has nothing to do with air, air doesn't concentrate magnetic fields.

Note 3. I think some people mis-understand how EM- waves transmit, an EM-wave is composed of an electric field and a magnetic field at a particular frequency which allows one field to create the other. The magnetic field can be measured in a standing wave experiment, I did this in high school science, very simple. Logically this means that a magnetic filed can be created at a location in space, although if only one small radio wave is being used then its going to be a small magnetic field. There are also many other radio waves creating many other magnetic fields. Its important to note that waves can be created so they have constructive interference and destructive interference and also standing waves can be created. Therefore its quite a simple step to imagine the interference of many strong EM-waves creating a strong magnetic field at a location. Perhaps the power requirements are huge, and it may fry any human beings nearby but this is not a concern. The point is to lift an object into space using a projected magnetic field.

Note 4. Consider two satellites in space at 100km distance between each other, an EM-wave such as a microwave is set up between then as a standing wave. An object in the middle of the two is experiencing a electric field and/or a magnetic field. Since there is a magnetic field here, classic standing wave experiment, then the object can use this to generate thrust. Now consider the two satellites are above the earth atmosphere but at a large distance apart, so the beam goes through the atmosphere. The object is in the atmosphere of earth and can therefore use the magnetic field of the standing wave beam to generate thrust. So a solution that presents itself here is lift the object up to a height with helium gas baloon, then use this magnetic lifting mechanism to lift it into space.

philhk, May 15 2010


       EM waves are alternating, so even if you could magically project and columnate a magnetic field out of several EM waves, it wouldn't be static, it would be alternating with a net magnetism of 0.   

       Sorry, (-), suggest MFD, bad science.
MisterQED, May 15 2010

       so wotcha need is a magnetic diode bridge.
FlyingToaster, May 15 2010

       So, a magnetic field in air that is far stronger over there, than over there minus a little bit? In free air that ain't gonna happen. The only way we can concentrate magnetic fields is either by having very small air gaps, or by conducting the magnetic field using something other than air.
Ling, May 15 2010


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