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magnetic suspensions

a car that will float on air
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if you want to ride in a car that floats on the air and has zero wear and tear in the hub and wheel bearing then it will be magnetic suspensions. it would have drastic speed higher efficiency and better safety and ride control. resarch is going rohitchilli@gmail.com
rohitchilli, Aug 07 2007

Bose Suspension System http://www.bose.com/suspension
Linear electromagnetic motors installed at each wheel are controlled by a set of proprietary algorithms. [ed, Aug 08 2007]

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       google bose suspension
the dog's breakfast, Aug 07 2007

       What is drastic speed?   

       Why will magnetic suspension eliminate wheel bearing wear? Are you proposing that the everything be supported by magnetic bearings? If so, know that in order to be rigid enough to give you good ride control, they consume lots of power, which will dig deeply into your claim of higher efficiency.   

       If you're referring to magnetic suspension in relation to the part that controls the up-down motion of the wheel and provides damping action, then follow [the dog's breakfast]'s advice and look into the Bose active suspension system.   

       Your profile says that you're going to become the best automotive designer. That's a great goal, but it requires that you actually do the research, rather than simply spitting out an idea and asking everyone else to make it work. Don't give up, but open the books a bit and do your homework.
Freefall, Aug 07 2007

       Drastic speed is just a little slower than ludicrous speed.
Srimech, Aug 07 2007

       (-) Most rolling friction comes from deformation of the tire rubber, not from bearing friction. And you're already riding on air--the air in the tire.
ldischler, Aug 07 2007

       //for ideas plz. send e mail to rohitchilli@gmail.com// That's a very generous offer. I could certainly use some ideas.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 07 2007

       Baked by people who are already doing the research: Bose.   

       I understand the suspension sounds much bigger than it reallys is.   

       I think "drastic speed" refers to the system's response time, compared to earlier hydraulic versions.
elhigh, Aug 07 2007

       why does the title make me think of women's underwear? There's something wrong with me.
marklar, Aug 08 2007

       I'm going to write an annotation to this idea. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I could write, please email them to me.
wagster, Aug 08 2007

       Has magnets which are really cool. Floats on air, also really cool. Select forward gear to visit santa, reverse to see the penguins. All with no wear on the wheel bearings.....at what point do they cease to be bearings?
the dog's breakfast, Aug 08 2007

       Hi [rohitchilli] and welcome to the hb. People here generally expect ideas to be a bit better thought through than this - you just seem to be asking someone else to do the thinking for you. That it why everyone is voting against you.   

       No one is going to email you their ideas, that is what annotations are for, that way we can all work on ideas together.   

       Go and have a look at the various types of magnetic suspension system that have been tried and see if you can improve on them, then come back for your buns.
wagster, Aug 08 2007

       it would be difficult to imagine   

       but can`t we replace the normal mechanical spring with the magnetic springs. north facing north   

       it will be better suspension then the normal spring suspension
rohitchilli, Nov 20 2007

       No it won't. Making a suggestion like that implies that you would have a basic understanding of suspension dynamics.
Custardguts, Nov 21 2007

       Hi [rohi]   

       Here's a start: what happens when you shut down the engine?   

       What happens when a wire comes loose or breaks?   

       What happens to all the metallic road swarf that'll collect on the springs?   

       Answer those and you're well on your way. [no vote (yet)]
Ned_Ludd, Nov 22 2007

       I completely agree with the rest of the submtters, this isn't an idea, it's just a request for ideas. If you want to be a great designer you have to start researching. Your question did get me thinking though about two ideas, but instead of putting them here I will submit them separately as "maglev tank treads" and "magneto electric suspension".
MisterQED, Nov 22 2007


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