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organic suspension components

replacement of rubber suspension components with ecologically sourced ones.
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Idea came whilst eating a bad batch of calamares: How about replacing the rubber components in car suspension with over cooked calamares or snails? Not only would the physical attributes be very similar (rear roll bar bushes are about as chewy as the squid I had last week), but these items could be sourced without the use of expensive hydrocarbons, reducing our reliance on petrochemicals in these troubled, uncertain times. It would certainly allow the Italians to make something useful for once....Ance the car is scrapped, the organic bushes can be fed to pigs or re-cycled via the local italian eateries... It'd save a mint on the scrapping of cars...
bunglestiff, Sep 02 2004

Silicones vs. Organics - Dow Corning http://www.dowcorni...licone-organics.asp
Describes the evils of organic elastomers, including some car components. [land, Oct 04 2004]


       <whiff><sneer>Was that you?   

       No, it's my suspension.   

       Is that what the kids are calling it now?
land, Sep 02 2004


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