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media pointer at URL standard

youtube.co m\v=yyyyyyyyy?3:23 or www.gutenberg.or g/title?character=10,000 starts media at time 3:23 or a text at word 10,000
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standards organizations define things, thus rather than a "lets all" this is a standards idea

youtube.co m/v=yyyyyyyyy?3:23 starts a video at time 3:23

likewise www.gutenberg.or g/usconstitution?character=10,000 starts a page at word 10,000

a operating system utility that was like: right click mouse to see which word this is like 700 could be used

I frequently reference parts of things but the person referred might wade though minutes or pages to visit the referenced part

bonus: thinking on the neogoogle idea, location addressing like this would make a pleasant little quality aspect to neogoogle or neotinyurl as people that specify at that level are likely pointing to higher quality online items

beanangel, Mar 09 2008

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       Treon, you're ideas are becoming intelligible. Have you been drinking??
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 09 2008


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