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modern embryonic recapitulation animation

Show the similarities and the genetic pathways of ontogeny between species
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An animation with actual pictures of embryos at different stages and compared to each other would clarify the state of the art comprehensions of embryonic development, and clarify the developmental stages of our similarities (vertebrae, eyes, neural systems, tails, hearts, etc).

Part two would show Haeken's original claims about the tail and the gulls in humans and would show the actual development as it understood today, clarifying everything from a modern scientific viewpoint, putting the creationists at bay.

pashute, Aug 25 2021

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Golgafrincham https://www.youtube...watch?v=kj7n3oFicU4
[Skewed, Aug 25 2021]


       //putting the creationists at bay//   

       No, it really wouldn't, they're beyond the reach of reason, personally I favour just rounding them all up into reservations with their own intranets where they can't bother the rest of us // let them set their own legislation regarding food & drugs, advertising etc & they'll solve the problem of themselves for us with lethal quack medicines & food additives.
Skewed, Aug 25 2021

       //That won't work either//   

       Well you might have to be a bit sneaky.   

       Start with zoning laws for places of worship to concentrate them all where you want them.   

       Then acquiesce to their demands for independence (send Agent Provocateurs to agitate for them if they won't do it themselves).   

       Then pass new immigration laws to keep them out.   

       [Dusts hands]   

       Job done.   

       Should be easy passing new laws to geographically block their internet activity after that with their vote excluded & if they want to get back in to proselytize they'll have to get past the border fence & machine guns.
Skewed, Aug 25 2021

       Not a concentration camp, their own country (that they asked for) & they can go to any other country that'll have them.   

       They can try & call it a concentration camp if they like but we can tie them up in court over that argument for decades :)
Skewed, Aug 25 2021


       I'm seeing a story arc in this.   

       Now if someone can just help me out with an amusing reason why (other than "because they were right, there really was a god & he smote them") everyone else then dies :)   

       Golgafrincham <link> wiped out by a virulent disease contracted from a dirty telephone having rid themselves of the useless members of their population.   

       Including 'telephone sanitation engineers'.   

       Something like that, but with creationists.
Skewed, Aug 25 2021

       Just because you made me look up the definition of the word Ontogeny I feel that I should point out that Part 2 is technically phylogeny.   

       Well, wouldja lookit me getting all pedantic n'crap.   

       As for creationists... that's a toughy.
It totally can see with my own eyes that evolution is a thing...
...I also think that all this was created.

       bit of a tightrope really but anybody thinking that Earth is only a few thousand years old needs to give their head a shake.   

       If only children were insulated from any 'beliefs' until adulthood and got to look at all of them from the outside, like I do, you would see a quantum shift in attitude...   

       ...and a lot more buddhists, (not that I am a buddhist but they do seem to have their shit together more than most and I kind of already leaned that way before I ever heard of Buddhism), and...   


       Free Tibet!   


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