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moon colonisation

an affordable moon colonisation
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suppose we bring an inflatable boat to the moon.. that would not be any good.. i think.. :-)

but if we were to bring an inflatable half dome to the moon, so that if you'd be inside it, you'd be completely sealed from outside, we inflate it over there and we fill it with air and it must have a diameter of 100 meter across at least. Now we have something that can be made into a place to live.. bring some water and food and solar panels over there and recycle everything and you can live there.. just as they live in the space station. oh yeah.. and we fill it with some people :-)

Now there comes more.. a robot mines moonrock and brings it inside (first it enters a room which is sucked vacuum and from there it enters the dome so no air is lost) and people can use the rock to make things out of it..

and now and then.. we can bring another half dome to the moon and eventually.. we can make our own domes and robots on the moon from moonrock and fill the moon with it

it's quite messy, basically the idea is that it you want to live on the moon affordably.. meaning.. not depending much on earth.. you'll have to start primitive and build your way up from it, just as they did on earth 1000 of years ago

mr Dries, Jun 01 2010

Reference Year http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1010
[swimswim, Jun 01 2010]

Halfbakery: ET Foam Home ET Foam Home
Self-forming inflatable domage [zen_tom, Jun 01 2010]

Half Dome http://pubs.usgs.go...amic/Half_Dome.html
[mouseposture, Jun 01 2010]


       1000s of years ago
mr Dries, Jun 01 2010

       //use the rock to make things out of it//   

       That's a tautology.
DrWorm, Jun 01 2010

       That's what I taut.
baconbrain, Jun 01 2010

       This is... what are you... "suck out the vacuum"?   

       These are the scrawlings of a crazy person.   

       No, wait, it's probably just a really bad idea.
victory, Jun 01 2010

       I dunno, those smileys were pretty well timed. [+]
daseva, Jun 01 2010

       //(first it enters a room which is sucked vacuum and from there it enters the dome so no air is lost)//
Yegads! The man has postulated the 'Airlock'!.
Shame all the air has already leaked out from underneath your dome!.
Seriously, this just a badly detailed WTCTTISINM/B(etc)WINBIIWR coupled with no recognition of the fact that man has created sealed environments already (with some success).
gnomethang, Jun 01 2010

       //inflatable boat// for dust seas: electro static repulsion combined with a paddle-wheeler.
FlyingToaster, Jun 01 2010

       What is a half dome?
rcarty, Jun 01 2010

       //What is a half dome?// <link>
mouseposture, Jun 01 2010

       //I think you're completely undervaluing the whole "...but its on the moon !!!"ness of it.//
You may be right, bigsleep.
gnomethang, Jun 01 2010

       I try to keep my moon clear of colonies.
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2010

       I don't let my colonies onto any old moon.
DrWorm, Jun 02 2010

       Instead of colonisation, if this could be pancreatisation or spleenisation it could work. Plus I should note that the two half domes could be affixed together the make a mobile zorblike structure.
bungston, Jun 02 2010

       [bungston] Didn't you look at the picture? You need *four* half-domes to make a zorb
mouseposture, Jun 02 2010


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