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mosquito seeking missile

four millimeters long
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These tiny missiles would sit in an array of hundreds on a platform the size of a dinner plate. At the push of a button a jolt of electricity would be delivered to one of them, which would travel toward anything vibrating between 250 and 600 hertz and upon arrival detonate in a tiny burst of shrapnel.
Voice, Jul 21 2010

Using some of the same principles: Auto_20Fly_20Swatter
Shameless self promotion. [Twizz, Jul 21 2010]

HB Search on "mosquito" http://www.halfbake...expression=mosquito
130 matches to date... [csea, Jul 21 2010]

Mosquito killing laser. http://www.popsci.c...r-zaps-pesky-skeets
I would set this up by a stream in the woods, then get a lawn chair and watch for a while. [DIYMatt, Jul 21 2010]


       Laughing, laughing, laughing. So much. +
blissmiss, Jul 21 2010

       Careful, [blissmiss]! Don't be laughing between 250-600Hz!
csea, Jul 21 2010

       It's the time of year for imaginative ways to kill insects. See link.
Twizz, Jul 21 2010

       See [links]. I did a bit of investigation after recalling the link referenced in my annotation to "Mosquitometer."   

       The .wav file of the female 'anophles stevensi' seems to have 3 predominant harmonics, at about 377, 754, and 1131 Hz, all modulated a few percent at about 11Hz.   

       So you may want to be more specific in your vibration description.
csea, Jul 21 2010

       I would rather have a mosquito killing laser beam [link].
DIYMatt, Jul 21 2010

       How about a lead hat with a wide brim and a big lump of Cobalt -60 on top ?
8th of 7, Jul 21 2010

       Cobalt 60 wouldn't kill mosquitos, just everybody else around you.
DIYMatt, Jul 22 2010

       I like this idea. Just about to go to Finland for a holl and will be killing them manually in large numbers...
saedi, Jul 22 2010


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