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mud app

assists in shoe selection
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this app will inform you via GPS of the muddiness of a particular country path.

by inputting data such as: local recent rainfall & temperature, type of soil, shade cover, frequency of path use etc. it will give an accurate assessment of the muddiness of the route of your walk and thus help in shoe selection for the day.

po, Sep 03 2011


       So, would you also like Goigle's new PathView? Captured by folk using Public footpaths wearing cycling Helmet cams+GPS?
Dub, Sep 03 2011

       Can it also incorporate a sample of past webcam or satellite images (correlating them with said rainfall, temp, &c measurements) to tell you the probability that horses have trod on the path recently?
swimswim, Sep 03 2011

       oooh droppings! never thought of that! very good.
po, Sep 03 2011

       I love this. And would use it. I need it too.
blissmiss, Sep 03 2011

       a decade of half-baking for po and blissy! who'd have thought!?
po, Sep 03 2011

       Mini GPS transmitters embedded in dog food, for realtime updates of doodoo on the path.
pocmloc, Sep 03 2011

       By incorporating entomological models, this might also indicate the likely mosquito population level on the path.
swimswim, Sep 09 2011


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