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Your phone receives calls from many numbers.
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After carrying around my wireless phone (which is also my home phone) and a wireless phone for work (for those the-server's-down-at-3am calls) for the better part of a year, I want one phone.

We give our machines multiple IP addresses through software, or installing multiple NICs.

I'd like to see phone architectures which support that.

Of course, a prerequisite to that would be harmonization of networks, etc. Maybe voice over IP over 802.11a or better networks is needed first.

whump, Jun 26 2002

inphonic http://www.inphonic.com/b2b/index.asp
One company that offers call forwarding (per ¯phoenix) that can be set to prioritize the forwarding of call from selected sources, coupled with 30+ customizable ringtones. [reensure, Jun 27 2002]


       Whump: What part of the world do you live in ? GSM Version 8 already supports this. You can map multiple phone numbers onto one IMSI already on many GSM networks. They can have separate ringtones and separate UTRs (Billing records). Baked.
8th of 7, Jun 26 2002

       I'm in that wireless backwater called the US. I've spoken with AT&T and Verizon reps about it and they say no can do under the current system.
whump, Jun 27 2002

       How about using land lines for the other numbers and activating call forwarding to your cell phone?
phoenix, Jun 27 2002

       Whump- I'm a Verizon subscriber in Michigan. Before becoming Verizon, the company was called Airtouch Cellular. The phone I purchased (the old Qualcomm brick) did allow dual NAM setup. I did have them tie both my work cell and personal cell into one phone, and it worked just fine. My only complaint was that there was no distinction as to what line was ringing, and that call waiting did not work across the two lines- if I was on a call and the other phone number received a call, it went straignt to voicemail.   

       When Verizon acquired Airtouch, they promptly disabled that feature, and I am back to carrying two phones with me...
Mr Burns, Jun 27 2002

       VoiceStream and Cingular use GSM. Can they do this? (I didn't check.)
waugsqueke, Jun 28 2002

       Waugsqueke: If it's the full GSM1900 implementation, the feature is embedded in the network infrastructure and the BS-MS protocols, but it's up to the service provider whether they activate it; some older billing systems can't cope if they are legacy implementations from the analog days. the new WCDMA systems should have this as standard. If your GSM system supports GPRS it shouls support multiple lines on the same handset too.
8th of 7, Jun 28 2002

       In the US, Nextel allows you to have 2 numbers on one phone
senatorjam, Jun 28 2002

       Little known fact. You can get a phone number that doesn't have a phone attached to it. It is set up by the phone company and then just forwarded to the phone of your choice. I've been doing this for years. They even come with voice mail if you need that.
zigness, Jan 04 2005


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