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multiclient sex chat as AI driver

Apparently camgirl is a growth industry in rural China; Have AI say different things to different clients to heighten revenue, reduce number employed
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Approximately speaking I read that young Chinese women were migrating from their villages to work in video chat centers. Apparently there is high demand at the PRC. To speed up the progress of AI I think these live humans should be AI augmented to produce more revenue.

Lets say you record previous chats, and find out that one person is fairly likely to tip 2 units when prompted with "tip 2 to see me lick my nipples" while another person is likely to tip 5 to see masturbation. Then based on a multiviewer database at that particular database the AI teleprompters the naked person. If it ups revenues 20-40% then it is successful.

Further, one human could do voice over for several different channels of animated images, so is able to run several rooms at once.

The benefit to AI is development of proven adequate human AI interaction, that has an economic driver to be extended to other areas of human AI interaction.

beanangel, Sep 22 2017


       I thought that this would be like having Garmin give me directions to Piccadilly Circus in a sultry and suggestive voice.
RayfordSteele, Sep 22 2017

       I agree, too much employmet in rural china is a problem.   

       I dont know what a pickadilly circus is but it sounds like its worth 5 credits.
bob, Sep 23 2017

       Things could be said that would immediately garner tips, but overall lose revenue by making users not come back.
Voice, Sep 24 2017

       Piccadilly Circus is about as much of a circus as Times Square is a square.
RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2017

       [voice] that is what the AI is for, to optimize the phrases said as well as the actual actions. the algorithm would converge on retention*tips.   

       Actually what the AI is for is basically to find new uses for AI, so there is more AI. Economic drivers of AI would cause more of them to be written and their quality to improve.   

       In the socially neutral zone I do not know if this would cause fewer camgirls or more, or if their pay would go up. If the AI could produce "funner" then demand might go up.
beanangel, Sep 24 2017

       The animated AI chat girl would be pure profit once written. Do such things exist?
bungston, Sep 25 2017


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