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More than just auto racing!
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In this version of auto racing, competitors must not only zoom around the track at 200 mph, but must also carry on a text message conversation with the judges who will grade them on content and spelling; and must also eat an entire sandwich during the race and begin with a 1/2-inch beard but emerge from the finish line completely clean-shaven with no electric razors allowed.

Accidents galore; much more fun for onlookers as not just cars but bits of sandwich meat and shaving cream go flying from the collisions.

phundug, Jun 17 2011

Damn You Autocorrect http://damnyouautocorrect.com/
No relation to auto racing [normzone, Jun 17 2011]

Multitasking http://www.dilbert....s/comic/2011-06-20/
Or failing to do so... [Twizz, Jun 20 2011]


       Bun if you can work custard into the idea somewhere.   

       And no safety razors, proper cut-throats compulsory. Bonus points for shaving with cold water and a Fairbairn knife.   

       And predictive text must be on, makes it ever so much more difficult ...
8th of 7, Jun 17 2011

       There ought to be a monetary prize for this idea title.
tatterdemalion, Jun 17 2011

       I really want the cunt!
daseva, Jun 17 2011

       Cup! I meant cup! fking predicitgkjgknj
daseva, Jun 17 2011

       Yes! Yes! Yes!   

       Drivers should be issued excessively hot coffee, also.
mouseposture, Jun 17 2011

       … with a synthetically boosted caffeine content.
8th of 7, Jun 17 2011

       //There ought to be a monetary prize for this idea title.// -this.
DIYMatt, Jun 18 2011

       For fairness, this event needs to be limited to only testosterone enhanced/handicapped drivers. It's only fair: Multitasking is safer for the ladies and they don't have stubble on the face. What will they competitively shave... a trim trim?
Sir_Misspeller, Jun 18 2011

       [Sir_Misspeller] Nifty: for a man to compete in the women's event would be harder than vice versa*. Are there any other sports where *lack* of a Y- chromosome disqualifies?   

       *Women's event might also include applying makeup in the rear-view mirror.
mouseposture, Jun 18 2011

       ...and no adult diapers either. You gotta fill the milk jug and then chuck it out the passenger window at cardboard cut-outs of hitch hikers.
Give them long haul truckers a shot at winning this thing.

       [+] This is just too good!
I'm sure the sandwich must have mustard or mayo, or any drippy type sauce on it!
xandram, Jun 18 2011

       Can we have a randomized playlist of kids fighting playing from the back?
CyberCod, Jun 18 2011

       In all seriousness, I have a feeling this would turn into a female dominated sport.
daseva, Jun 18 2011

       The only statement more sexist than that would be changing the name of the sport to multitasscar.
rcarty, Jun 20 2011

       All these words are made up.
rcarty, Jun 20 2011

       The word multitasscar features the words tit and ass, hence being sexist to the point of objectification.
rcarty, Jun 20 2011

       The evidence (visible on UK roads) suggests the event would be dominated by Eastern european truckers and drivers of BMWs, Audis and Volvos who can be found in the outside lane of any dual carriageway.   

       Seriously, the event would provide an illustration of the absolute stupidity of those who believe they are above the rest of humanity. (+)
Twizz, Jun 20 2011

       I think they would end up driving a hundred meters, stopping, eating the sandwich and shaving, then driving off. Unless the pit crew could process the sandwich into a shake and help them out shaving.
Voice, Jun 20 2011


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