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museum museum

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- with examples of what museums used to be like, before they became all ‘interactive’ and ‘interesting’.
hippo, Jan 03 2021

Pitt-Rivers Museum https://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/
[pocmloc, Jan 03 2021]

The Second Rule Of Model Train Layouts https://xkcd.com/878/
[hippo, Jan 03 2021]

Natural History Museum Dublin https://www.museum....ums/Natural-History
[xenzag, Jan 03 2021]


       Ah yes, the Pitt Rivers museum - almost like an exhibit of what museums were like 100 years ago
hippo, Jan 03 2021

       You could have this as a large warehouse hangar type building, containing a series of very small self-contained museums
pocmloc, Jan 03 2021

       [poc] that’s an excellent idea, although note that the second rule of model railways (see link) also applies to museums which contain detailed models of museums
hippo, Jan 03 2021

       Check out the Natural History Museum in Dublin which we always called the Dead Zoo. This place is a museum of a museum in itself. It's totally unique. I took my students here for drawing exercises every year and ran numerous versions of a project I titled Stilled Lives.   

       The other place I recall as being quite unique was The Hancock Museum in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It was a "private museum" meaning there was a small admission charge. (not sure of its status now) I recall many 1950 style desplays showing such delights as how a Belisha Beacon road crossing works.
xenzag, Jan 03 2021

       Our state museum used to have little teeny miniatures of Abe and Mary Todd, and all the usual suspects, dressed in period fashion and making horseshoes, or something. They were in glass boxes set into the wall. You had to get onto this raised walkway to view them. As a little, that was huge. Usually, mom or dad would hold you up to see. Big plus. They were still there 22 years later when my daughter was a little. I held her up and she thought it was super cool. She loved all things miniature after that.   

       Now that display is all gone, just part of our family's history, sadly.
blissmiss, Jan 03 2021

       + bun for Nostalgia! I think I really am getting old because I do miss the way things used to be! If I went to this museum I would dress like I was going somewhere special, never sneakers and jeans!
xandram, Jan 04 2021

       I was thinking less of model replicas of museums, and more of very small private museums or village museums. The kind that is kept in a shed or small building. When their eccentric collector dies or runs out of money, the entire building and contents could be purchased by the Museum of Museums, and disassembled brick by brick and re-assembled on the MoM site. Just like how buildings are moved to "open air museums" like the Weald & Downland.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2021


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