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neutrino morse code receiver

build a morse code machine that records neurino messages
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Build such a machine and widely publish its location and "telephone number". Prank calls shouldn't be a concern until neutrino transmitters become available. Until then we can be certain that all communications will to be sent from the future.
rcarty, Dec 17 2011


       Somebody should analyze the effect of current events and world news on the topical trends of HB posts. 6 months ago, everyone was touting inadvisable applications for hydrogen combustion, and we've gone through several other fads since; now it seems neutrinos are the new favorite.   

       I'm commenting (read: bitching) about this since I have no valuable contribution on the subject of inadvisably applied neutrino emissions. Until I finish reading the instruction manual for my new particle-beam welder, my knowledge in that field shall remain sorely lacking.
Alterother, Dec 17 2011

       In the back of the manual is a url for a website where you get updates to documentation for the manufacturer's products. On the website is a manual for a tachyon-beam welder, with a 2047 copyright. [Alterother], who has no difficulty with theoretical physics, as long as it's couched in terms of welding, homebrews a tachyon-beam welder, which he patents. Sale of patent to the Acme Corporation leaves him wealthy, but he falls victim to a succession of con-artists selling schemes for worthless anti-teleportation devices. In 2047, Acme rolls out its Mark-IV tachyon-beam welder.   

       And why has no-one yet proposed neutrinos as a method of sterilizing elevator-buttons?   

       [rcarty] what would the //"telephone number"// of such a device be, even metaphorically?
mouseposture, Dec 17 2011

       Go read the user manual on your Interocitor, [mp], and please, do try to keep up. It makes it very tedious for the rest of the class.
8th of 7, Dec 17 2011

       Tachyon-beams are no good for welding, only cutting. You set up the cutter on Monday afternoon, leave for the night, and when you come back in the morning, all of the parts you'll need next Thursday will have been cut and prepped the previous Saturday, ready for fit-up on Monday morning. Just remember to press 'Start' on the cutter when you're all done fabricating, or the parts will never have been cut and a whole day's work will never have happened.   

       Patent pending. Warranty void if converted for use against teleporting deer.
Alterother, Dec 17 2011

       Does it detect them by that recoil thingy i don't understand, by decaff or by Cherenkov radiation?
nineteenthly, Dec 17 2011


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