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nipple suction cup

Think of a suction cup. then put an air filled nipple on it; squeeze the air from the nipple to make a higher vacuum-volume suction cup
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Suction cups are kind of fun. Can they be made stronger? Perhaps. Put an air filled nipple on it; squeeze the air from the nipple while pressing down to make a higher vacuum- volume suction cup
beanangel, Dec 31 2017


       This idea could have been so much worse.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 31 2017

       Expresses quite a good idea.
wjt, Jan 01 2018

       An annulus ...o   

       of gecko foot micropatterning around the suction cup might make a difference as well.
beanangel, Jan 01 2018

       The angle of micropatterning would have to be linked with the shape change of the suction cup for ease of application. Especially if removing your foot or hand off that vertical surface.   

       The nipple really would have to be some sort of button pump to be useful or have some sort of air milking machine.   

       Some suction cups already have lever actions.
wjt, Jan 01 2018

       Nipples are kind of fun, too.
RayfordSteele, Jan 02 2018


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