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on demand meteor shower

missions to bring meteors to earth, to create meteor showers
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meteor showers are amazing. i've seen a few.

last nights' potential shower by a comet was a big dud.

so, why 'wait' for meteor showers?

how about launching missions to capture and redirect a small meteor towards earth, timed specifically to hit a certain part of the sky--as directed---by the paying audience.

before the meteor , a few meters across, enters earths atmosphere, it can be blown to bits with a pre-drilled explosive. in order to give a better show with lots of little 'shooting' stars.

this also has the effect of ensuring the entire meteor burns up in the atmosphere without any potential for problems.

i mean, it would look amazing and truly be the most spectacular fireworks of all time.

teslaberry, May 24 2014

$300 teeny satellite http://m.bbc.com/news/technology-27444158
[not_morrison_rm, May 24 2014]


       mfd too expensive
zeno, May 24 2014

       MF not deletion.   

       Pretty cheap really, either find a way to sneak a bomb on to the International Space Station, or go lay out some of your cash on a couple of sprite satellites ($300 a go each) preferably in magnesium for visibility.   

       It doesn't have to be astronomical...
not_morrison_rm, May 24 2014


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