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on the road again

safe and sound
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Okay, you live in an urban town and are tired of your kids asking questions about the things they should only see on 11 o'clock news programs. Or perhaps, you're just tired of the same ole same 'ole car pool to work.

My solution: the backseat windows in any car/minivan/SUV will act as screens displaying a road/highway scene (complete with cars passing and changes in sunlight for longer trips) from anywhere you could imagine.

These windows will be made of the same kind of one-way mirror glass you see in any interrogation room, and in the same way, could be turned on and off according to a switch near the driver’s seat. People on the outside may see your glazed eyes starring out the window, but you will see the beauty of the Grand Canyon, Kentucky bluegrass, grasslands of Kenya, etc.

The scene will pass at the same speed as the movement of the car to prevent carsickness and can be accommodated to the kind of driving you are doing (fast highway vs. casual roadway). You could even record video from your favorite trips—granted you bought the adapter and extra equipment.

Safe—fun—educational… happy trails.

By the way, this is my first entry and I really don’t have the swing of this… anyone have any names for this service; I was fresh out.

SuiGenerisKitten, Nov 15 2005

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       I like this idea. I drive the same (scenic) route every time I go into town (the joys of rural living) and it gets boring. I wouldn't mind seeing a city scape everyone once in a while, or even some of America's breadbasket. Nice start [Sui].
PollyNo9, Nov 15 2005

       I want this on the bus. That way I could go from East Dulwich to the City via the Hardangerfjord.
wagster, Nov 15 2005

       I don't think it would be a good idea for driving [PollyNo9]. Surely when driving, it would be beneficial to be able to see where you are going.   

       I was thinking of something along these lines a while ago, but decided not to post because it would make turning in reverse easier. But I hadn't thought of a switch to turn it off, which would negate the problem. [+]. Welcome to the halfbakery.
hidden truths, Nov 15 2005

       perhaps Polly is chauffeur driven and sits in the backseat.
po, Nov 15 2005

       I rather like "On the Road Again"
[Use capitalization, :) ]

       Very nice for a first idea. You'll fit right in.
DesertFox, Nov 15 2005

       I never thought idea capitalization to be an issue here, as long as it wasn't all caps. I mean, if the site owner does it.
hidden truths, Nov 15 2005

       do you know, I didn't know that!
po, Nov 15 2005


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