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(Peer to )Peer View Mirror

See the road ahead from another car's viewpoint
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A small device placed on the hood of your car broadcasts your view of the road, and your latitude and longitude. A second device, mounted wherever hi tech car gurus currently mount their map screens, allows you to recieve any other equipped car's broadcast. you can use this to look through a specific car's eyes, or check out a particular stretch of road or search for and detect the nearest cars to you. The more cars that subscribe to this service, the more useful it is. Use this to check on road conditions ahead, to help a friend who is so lost they don't know where they are, or to see around the truck you have been behind at 5 mph for the last half hour...
dbsousa, Aug 10 2005

Scorsese-View Mirror Scorsese-View_20Mirror
for added functionality to your P2PVM... [dbsousa, Aug 12 2005]


       good idea, clever name....I like it.
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005

       I like the idea, but can't think how this would be implemented. Would everyone be broadcasting all the time, or would there be some kind of ad-hoc packet relay network among nearby cars? Propagation delays that might normally be ignored could be dangerous if you relied on the video for driving.
dhill, Aug 10 2005

       I like the idea in theory, but the application is bound to be bumpy. Imagine hacking the camera output and inserting the image of your choice for a second or two....:-)
normzone, Aug 10 2005

       I was just thinking.....If the camera is mounted on the hood of the car, it would either get in the way of the drivers view, or be too low. So when you looked at what it saw would probably see nothing that you would really recognize because of it cutting everything off at your normal line of site. So may I suggest mounting it to the top of the windshield. Basically on the same spot as your rearview mirror only looking out the front. And then maybe add a small degree of motion, so as to scan back and forth. And then I wondered how you would tell the computer which car view to switch to. If you assigned each car camera a code then you could only look out the view of the cars you knew the code of. Or you could do a proximity scan and have it pick up and flash through and cars view within a certain distance. But even still, I wonder how well a person can drive and do this at the same time. Maybe we could make it voice activated as well........hhhmmmm, maybe I am thinking about this too much...
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005

       Truly excellent [+]   

       As far as interface, have a "look ahead" option (the most common), that would simply search for cars broadcasting publicly that are ahead of you.   

       Detection as "ahead of you" can be by a GPS coordinate that's part of broadcast, or simply looking for signals that are higher strength when pointing the antennae forward.   

       You could also broadcast "semi-private" where anyone who wanted to pickup your signal would have to "call" to request. You could reject / accept, and see who's calling. Of course, the signal would need some encryption & PKI keys exhanged, and would still be hackable. But c'mon, everything in plain view in front of your car is rather public already.   

       The only flaw is who picks up the bandwidth costs?
sophocles, Aug 11 2005

       The bandwidth cost is part of your phone/satellite radio/Wifi bill.
dbsousa, Aug 11 2005

       A good way to avoid the coppers.
Eugene, Aug 11 2005

       Peer review?
phoenix, Aug 12 2005

       //The only flaw is who picks up the bandwidth costs?// Why, THEM of course.
coprocephalous, Aug 12 2005


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