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oneway toilet plunger

pushes water through instead of back and forth
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Has flap valve at the top so repetitive plunging action results in a purely positive pressure instead of a fluctuating pressure.
davea0511, Oct 17 2007

(?) Compressed air http://www.seenontv...ylo8CFQ6CPAodYQ1ieg
One way plunger that uses air pressure. [Noexit, Oct 17 2007]

DIY-baked http://wayback.arch...ine.com/23/plunger/
[notexactly, Mar 26 2015]


       But what the the fluctuating pressure is good? Sort of like rocking a car stuck in a rut.
bungston, Oct 17 2007

       use a banana.   

po, Oct 17 2007

       Bone! [-] Sometimes you need that negative pressure to back out what ever can't be forced through. When you have massive amounts of tissue and waste matter wedged in the hole like a plug, sucking it back is about the only way it can be released.
Jscotty, Oct 17 2007

       The most restrictive area in a septic system is at the toilet. It's designed that way on purpose. Push it through and you're done with it.
davea0511, Oct 17 2007

       Have you even had a toilet fill after it's clogged to the brim? That's when you need a one-way toilet plunger.
davea0511, Oct 17 2007

       These are done. While not strictly a plunger, they are a method of using compressed air in singular, forward direction.
Noexit, Oct 17 2007

       Even if its filled to the rim, sucking the obstruction outward will allow the rest of the water to freely flow down the drain.
Jscotty, Oct 18 2007

       Oh the negativity!
pashute, Mar 29 2015

       + after seeing the DIY from notexactly, its simple to have it both ways (pun intended). If you want a regular back and forth plunger just close the valve. Open it, and you get a one way plunger.   

       Dave, propose it on Quirky!
pashute, Mar 29 2015


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