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online text editor with script macros

I can't believe there still isn't one
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There's the wasavi browser addon that lets you do VI editing in any text area, and there are some websites that have a limited number of text manipulation commands that you can do on the text, but AFAIK there is no online text editor or addon that lets you write scripts to manipulate the text.

Am I right?

pashute, Jun 08 2022

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       Google sheets has Extensions/macros but you can't get to the text inside a cell.   

       Google docs has Extensions/App Script. I'm trying it, but even the simplest thing is very hard to do.   

       Any good tutorial for text manipulation for example?   

       (I want it to find a word's beginning, check what the last letter is, and place the cursor at the end of that word. Then do some action according to the last letter. NOT using regexp. I know this isn't stack exchange...   

       Seems to me it would be a good idea to have a website with a place for text and a place where you quickly construct scripts that run on that text, say in js.   

       Or could I used fiddle.js to do that, putting the text in the HTML window? Naaa... I want something dedicated to text manip.   

       Where's a tutorial for GAS.
pashute, Jun 12 2022


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