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online videophone microlending

trust based system for micro lending
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Combine kiva.org (microlending) with qik.com (realtime video broadcasting from smart phones), and have realtime always-on always-archived video of what people in the third world are doing with the money you lend them. They only get the money if they agree to put up an always-on suhr-veigh-lehnse video of their store, operation etc. -- (i dont have a right click to see if hb makes suggestions for misspelled words yet but those red lines are helping me at least know when to get crazy - thanks hb!)
JesusHChrist, Dec 29 2009


       I think this is inevitable so, bun. But only for riskier investments and because the economics of the technology will allow it. For good investments, it's probably a bad idea as you want people to feel they can take risks that perhaps you might not understand.
leinypoo13, Dec 29 2009

       Uh..Happy belated birthday, JesusH.
blissmiss, Dec 29 2009

       [+]People are more likely to do what they are supposed to do when they are being watched.
Jscotty, Dec 29 2009


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